The Farm

  • LOCAL - Right here in the Sunnyside neighborhood of Denver
  • PURE - Seeds + Water + Grow Medium + Love = Crops
  • SAFE - Food grade processes, no soil, no disease, no fertilizer, no pesticides, non-GMO, organic
  • INTENSE - Nutrition, Flavors
We are part of a community of great farmers delivering great food. Sunnyside Farmer delivers live plants in reusable food safe trays to our customers. Our growing process is different from other micro green growers in that our processes are food grade.
  1. All materials used are certified for food.  The shelving, tools, trays, water, coir and seed
  2. All sanitation methods are the same used in restaurants.  All equipment is washed in a bleach and soap solution equivalent to restaurants before storage.   Prior to seeding hydrogen peroxide is used to sterilize tools, trays, bamboo, coir and seed
  3. All seed is certified as non-GMO and organic
Local delivery from farm to restaurant means that there are fewer people and fewer distribution locations.  Each touch and transfer adds a level of risk.
Environmental impact
  • Our delivery radius is hyper local (less than 5 miles)
  • Trays and bamboo are reusable in our growing process
  • Our consumer trays are compostable
  • The coir fiber is compostable and 100% biodegradeable
  • Lights used in our racks use DC power through a converter and consumption per rack is 100% wind powered through Xcel.  We are investigating a Solar option that will scale with growth.